Are there foundations in Sri Lankan homes?

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Yes of course. Especially the houses in Colombo. The local construction industry has been among the most respected in South Asia after it became a republic in 1972 and the development was lead by Pioneer construction magnate U.N. Gunasekera and maintained by the likes of Tudawe brothers, L.H. Piyasena and is now lead by companies such as MAGA and Sierra.
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What do Sri Lankan people eat?

Sri Lanka is a multicultural country. They have a healthy food culture. Their main food is rice and curry. The principal meal of Sri Lankans is rice and curry.

What is the sri lankan religions?

Someone has mentioned that Sri Lankan main religion is Hinduism. Please do not comment wrong statements about Sri Lankan Religion or History. There are few religions in Sri L

Which Sri Lankan Airlines are there?

Sri Lankan Airlines and Cinnamon Air are the two most popular airlines in the area. However the customer ratings of Sri Lankan Airlines have been declining recently.