Are there carriers of HIV?

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Yes. Everyone who is infected with HIV is a carrier and infectious. Most people who become infected with HIV will not initially know or notice that they have been infected, but some will suffer symptoms of a short seroconversion illness when they develop HIV antibodies (generally two to six weeks after HIV exposure). Seroconversion illness can be similar to (and can be easily mistaken for) flu, glandular fever, tonsillitis or a serious herpes attack, but is rarely severe enough to require hospitalisation or even result in an immediate HIV diagnosis. The speed at which an untreated person will go on to develop AIDS varies greatly, but most people will remain asymptomatic for several years (it is estimated that around half the people with HIV develop AIDS within 10 years of becoming infected).
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What is an HIV carrier?

A person that has been infected with HIV. Sufferers on medication are much less likely to transmit the virus that untreated sufferers.

Can a person be a HIV carrier and still test negative when a HIV test is performed?

Yes they can. HIV tests detect Your immune systems HIV anti-bodies and not the HIV itself. In the months after infection (around 6) Your body has not produced enough anti-bodi

How does a HIV carrier obtain the virus?

They contain it by not using protection in a untested people sex. If your all tested and both not with the virus then you do not have to use a condom.
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Can someone be an HIV carrier?

Yes, who ever has been diagnosed with HIV, is a carrier and is ableto spread it to anyone through blood, or curtain contacts, ex -Intercourse