Are there any real work at home companies that are not scams?

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Beware of any Company wanting money in promise of work at home. You do not pay money to get a job. A company might require a background check, and that you would pay for. Most work at home scams are: stuffing envelopes, addressing envelopes, typing ads, craft assembly, anything that promises lots of $$$ dollars.

Real work at home companies - expect the same process as applying for a traditional job. Fill out a job application, submit a resume and hopefully the opportunity to be interviewed. Do you have a resume? Do you have the necessary skills and experience for the job you are applying for? Can you work at home free of distractions and noise? Can you work effectively without supervision?

There are many companies that hire for the following types of work: 1. At home customer care representative
2. Transcription
3. Writer, Proofreader & editor
4. Blogger
5. Online Tutor
6. Mystery Shopping
7. Virtual Assistant
8. Online Mock Jurors
9. Get paid to post
10. Voice over Talents
11. Freelance Projects
12. Telemarketing from home A good source of information is at Work at home moms website: - the number one resource for work at home moms, jobs, support and advice. Work at home resource for jobs -,,,, Virtual office assistants -, Freelance -,,
Most of these are call center representative, customer service agent or representative, contact center jobs, home-based agents. You must have experience and necessary skills for employment (freelance researchers)
Virtual Assistant Jobs Also you can check the, for scams and you can even put the company name in Google along with scam behind it to see if it comes up with anything. Watch Out for work at home "companies"
  • Not that I know of, and one sure sign is if they ask you to pay them for "training materials", or any type of membership to be able to get the job. I tell you this from personal experience, I saw this wonderful job ad that said it was a data entry job from your home and that you needed typing skills and computer knowledge; Well it was all a big scam you had to pay them $10 only to get the training programs and materials all it said was to do the same, announce yourself as if you were the person looking for people to be interested in the job and charge them the money, and so on. So trust me unless you have to go in person to an actual building or have an interview where you can ask what exactly you will do, it's just a scam.
  • Yes there are... you need to be aware though, any business that offers a get rich quick sort of gimmick is most likely a scam. I am surprised and saddened people fall for this sort of thing still.
Affiliate Marketing

For a great work at home career, you can become an Affiliate, Internet Marketer.
Affiliate Internet marketers are people who promote and market other business on the internet. When a sale is made, a commission is paid to the affiliate marketer.
Depending on the company, commissions can range from 10%-60%. The marketers that do well, make very comfortable incomes and have are very successful with their work at home career. You as an Affiliate Marketer promote the other business by writing articles for blogs, making simple websites that provide consumers information, and even making referral videos and posting them on Youtube! Affiliate marketing, in my opinion, is the ultimate work at home career as it is not a system, or cheesy Multilevel Marketing scheme. Almost any business that sells goods and services offers some sort of referral/affiliate system. If you look at the bottom of most websites, you will see a link for "webmasters" or "affiliates", click this link and the company will provide you with a special link that is specific to you. When a consumer clicks on your link and is taken to the companies website and buys from that company, your link is tracked and the commission for the sale goes to you. Check out's program it's one of the largest. There are 1000's more though! Promoting business is relatively easy, although there are better ways to do it that yield better results for you.

There are a websites that instructs people how to build a work at home career, although sadly, a good number of them are scams.

I hope this helps you find and build a successful work at home career! I have been researching work at home opportunities for about three months now and most of them have been scams, or have a start up fee. I really don't believe in having to pay to be paid, so I started giving up because I didn't think it was possible to find a legit, scam free, Free work from home opportunity. Educating yourself is the first step to finding something 'real' that will work for YOU.
  • I just wanted to say that I work for and they are not a scam. Yes you pay for training and your background check. I have worked with them now for nearly 3 years. I got with them when I broke my knee and needed to work to pay my bills. My grown children suggested it because they had friends doing it. I did not want to pay any thing up front because I was cautious. But I found out that my children's friends parents even worked for has several fortune 500 companies that are under the Arise umbrella. I have not gotten rich but I have found that I can work in my jamies.
Resources to avoid scams
  • Business Business Bureau
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • National Fraud Information Center
refer to links for advise on work at home scams
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