Are there any games like Maplestory?

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I assume, that by "like maple story", you mean a side scrolling mmorpg. The only other one listed on this list ( ) on wikipedia is LaTale, which unfortunately doesn't ship in English as of now.

Vcvcvc answer:

there is wonderking just like but a little less jobs

WonderKing and GhostOnline are like maplestory 2D and sidescrolling.
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Who likes Maplestory?

\nI loooove maplstory. I may sound like the cool-e-ist guy in the world. Well that's because i am. I just love MapleStory. It is so fun. All the mapleing and grea

Are the any other side-scrolling RPG's like Maplestory?

Yes, Wonderking is a game that's almost exactly like MapleStory. It's gaining popularity but still has a far way to go to catch up to the juggernaut that is MS. It's rather fu