Are there any cheats for the kingdoms live app on ipod touch or iphone?

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sadly there aren't any money cheats but if you want a free recruit for your army without using any ancients add CMEE3M to your army and you will be more likly to win your battles so enjoy :)
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Are there any cheats for the vampires live app on iphone?

I looked forever to find an actual cheat.. first deposit all your money into your bloodbank. Make sure theres nothing left out. then Add 9FBN68 which is a glitched vamp accoun

Are there any cheats on the iPhone or ipod touch for sims 3?

Actually what you do to get 1,000 Simoleans for free is to go to those little "..." at the left of your screen and click help & about. then scroll down and click gardening tip

Racing live app on ipod touch or iphone?

The application is available on both Add the Racing Live Bot (GKTKSJ) code to your crew and you get what seems to be a random award. Anything from prestige points, a decen

Are there any cheats for ninja live app on iPhone?

I have found out a cheat that will give you exactly 1500 people to you clan which is dfc69. You can also make more money and expand your clan by using TBWD9 in your clan code

Are there any cheats for the racing live app on ipod touch or iphone?

UPDATE: There are some new glitches found when paybacking certain codes: BRGNMG - It is essentially just a bot running on the Storm 8 servers. Without going into too m

Iphone app kingdom live Cheat codes?

There are no cheats, but it helps to have a big army. Please add me 8RJU9U. Also, I have been beefing up my Land before worrying about winning battles; this way I can afford t