Are there any apple apps to get free apps?

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there many free apps and yes there are
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What happened to free apple app developing?

The development of Applications for the Mac and iPhone is free. Apple's Xcode development software (See links below) is provided free with every Mac. You can download the s

What are apps that can get you free apps?

If you mean what apps are free?? Here's some fun free apps: Angry birds Super rope Mouth off Bakery story Halloween Bounce down Fake caller Temple run Cut the

Is there any good free iPhone apps?

Try Full Screen Private Browsing is a simple web browsingoption with no frills and faster than ever. Get 13% more viewingspace. If you worry about history, cookies or caches

Any apps where i can get free apps?

I think that there is many in the app store. Some take price apps and make them smaller,or they take all of the newest and greatest free apps out there and put them in all one
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Are there any free weather apps?

As you've posted this in iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, it's safe to assume you're using one of those devices and not a device running Android OS. Here's a short list of free iPhon
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Are there any free apps like superimpose?

There are a few but superimpose is the best one, most of them cost money but if you need one you can get the bad ones like :cut me in :lol camera They aren't so good but they'