Are there any Easter eggs in camp rock 2?

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Yes, I have found ONE. The part where Nick enters the classroom he will teach, he is in the position and the background is the same as the cover of the disc "Born in the USA" by Bruce Springsteen.
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What are the Easter eggs in Doctor Who season 2?

Bad Wolf : The question on the weakest link show, "The Great Cobalt Pyramid was built on the remains of which famous old Earth Institute?" The correct answer was Torchwood.

Are there any Easter Eggs on The Simpsons?

Yes. The amount Maggie scans on the register, $847.63, is or was theaverage cost to raise a child per month. - All the McBain clips if played in order form a coherent movie. -

Are there any Easter eggs in Google Earth?

Easter eggs (e.g., hidden features or messages) continue to befound in Google Earth. Flight simulator, for example, was one such "Easter egg" introducedin Google Earth versio

Who wins in camp rock 2?

camp star wins then all the people from camp star want to join camp rock and they sing around the camp fire!

Are there any Easter eggs in YouTube?

Yes. I only found one so far but at least it's something. If you pause the video and press the arrow keys, you could play this snake game. The arrow keys are the controls and