Are there 13 states in United States?

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Not now, but back when the United States became an independent country, there were 13 original states (they had been colonies before declaring independence from England). There are 50 states in the United States today.
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Why does the United States flag have 13 stripes on it and what do they stand for?

They are a reminder to us of the 13 original colonies that gainedus our liberty: New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, RhodeIsland, New York, Pennsylvania, Deleware, New

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History 1130 is an introduction to the development of the United States from prehistoric beginnings to 1865. In a U. S. history class you are expected to learn information,

Why weren't the 13 states united at first?

There actually were 14 colonies not thirteen, the little known one was Nova Scotia now a province of Canada it contained a large British garrison in Halifax it wasn't t going