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I don't believe that pit bulls are mean by nature by any means, I believe that they are what YOU make them. I have raised pit bulls for the last decade and I have never had one turn on me or my family. I have raised pits that came from really abusive homes and puppies from the swap meet. Pit bulls are very big hearted dogs that have gotten a very bad rap. If the owner does not train them right then of course like any animal or HUMAN, they have no choice but to run on instinct, which in most cases is survival of the fittest. In these cases it is not the dogs fault at all but instead the OWNERS fault for not teaching and training this animal the rules and for sure not allowing that pit to be spoiled. hope this helps you.
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What will make a pitbull mean towards dogs?

Usually it hasn't been socialized properly towards other dogs. Other reasons would be it's scared, territorial, or dominant. Some dog's just don't like the company of others,

Are pitbulls mean dogs?

Pitbulls, like any dog, could be good or mean although, pitbulls most of the times are docile dogs that would rather be mean towards other animal but well trained, these dogs

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Are you so ignorant that you think all pitbulls are eman. Do you think they are born that way? Or do you KNOW that they are trained to be that way. I hate it when people are s

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If u mean how to get a pitbull mean you CAN'T. are u asking that to join DOGFIGHTING. If so I heard that 90% of people that are in dogfighting are arested.

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You should not get it mean This is not something that you should even be contemplating with this breed of dog. First and for most this breed can be dangerous if not trained

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According to the American Temperament Test Society, Pit Bulls pass their test with flying colors. In fact, the Pit Bull scores a little over 85% which is better than many dog

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Tell me you state and I will let you know.

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No, they are really great dogs that are usually good with children,but they are very misunderstood. They were actually called 'NannyDogs' along with the Newfoundland

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Pit bulls have an unfair reputation for being very mean, but it really depends on how they are raised. It's true that some are just born with a mean streak, but I know of seve