Are pickles healthy for you?

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Pickles are a great source of probiotics, and can be quite healthy as long as one avoids the high sodium kinds.
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Pickles are very low in calories and they are good for you. There are many different types of pickles. They are a great source of probiotics.
Some pickles are very high in sodium, which can be bad for cardiac health. Some dills have more than the total recommended daily allowance in just one pickle.
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What are pickles?

Pickles are cucumbers that have been pickled in vinegar, brine orany other solution. A pickle is a cucumber soaked in vinegar. Other vegetables can alsobe pickled, notably oni

What is pickling?

pickling is the process in which you put any food inside an air sealed jar with water inside and then you let it sit over night for it to be pickled.

Where are pickles?

In jars. You can't grow them, you make them. They're cucumbers that were put in a mixture mostly of vinegar.

Why is there pickles?

Well they are yummy for the tummy, that's why =D More information: Pickling was developed as a way of preserving food before refrigeration was widely available. We contin

What can be pickled?

Anything that can absorb the vinegar or the brine used to pickle. I.e a cucumber in brine, eggs in vinegar.

Why are you a pickle?

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Are pickled onions healthy?

Pickled anything is not too healthy. The reason for this is the pickling process uses mostly salt, vinegar, sugar. The high amounts of salt are not particularly good for your

Who is pickles?

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