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lady bugs are good luck because if they land on you and your sick and it flies away it takes the sickness with it and if you find a lady bug in your house count how many spots it has and that's how many dollars you will receive. if a ladybug has more than seven spots then there will be a famine and if it has less than seven then there will be a good harvest. at one time doctors would wash up ladybugs and put them in a cavity to cure how many children you have.
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Why is a lady bug called a lady bug?

In Europe, during the Middle Ages, insects were destroying the crops, so the Catholic farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary for help. Soon the Ladybugs came, ate the plant-destroy

Why do they call a lady bug a lady bug?

because it looks like a lady when she is flustered It's original scientific name is Coccinellidae, derived from the Latin coccineus, which means scarlet. The name lady bug or

Are lady bugs bad or good luck?

Since lady bugs eat aphids, which are a destructive species that  harms rose bushes among other valuable plants, lady bugs are  generally thought to be good luck. But beware

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Is a June bug good luck?

The June bug is considered by many to be a symbol of good luck.  This comes from the ancient belief that scarabs, a type of beetle,  brought good luck to those they visited.