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How is your Annuity insured?

Usually it is backed by the financial strength of the issuing insuance company. Answer 2 But more usually government bonds are bought to cover the payments to be made by th

How safe is your annuity with western National Life Insurance Company?

  Western National Life Insurance Company (NASDAQ: NWLI) was upgraded recently to an "A" (excellent) rating from "A-" by A.M. Best Company based on a conservative investme

What happens to variable annuities when the insurance company goes bankrupt?

Generally, when an insurance company goes bankrupt, the guarantees that are being offered on the contract are gone. For instance, if you have a death benefit, or a income guar

How many insurance companies sell annuities?

Most Insurance companies sell them. Annuity by definition is a contract sold by an insurance company. They are relatively safe investments but are full of hidden charges, high

How do you get a claim form for Monumental Life Insurance Company for an annuity policy?

If you have an agent I would contact them for this information. If not you can contract the company directly and they can provide whatever you need. You may even be able to do

How long does it take for a insurance company to process a annuity benefit claim?

It will vary based upon the company and any complexitiesencountered in processing, such as claims by multiple claimants.However, because annuities are essentially insurance pr