Are headaches normal when pregnant or should you be worried that they might be something else?

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Yes they are very common its just the hormones in your body. If they get bad enough talk to your doctor and see if he can help with giving you something for them!
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When you are pregnant is it normal to have severe headaches?

Answer . A lot of women have migraines while pregnant. I even did. I was told that it was from the hormone changes. Let your doctor know that you are having migraines an

Is it normal to get many headaches while pregnant?

Answer . Headaches during pregnancy can be from most anything. It could be from anything such as back strain or even high blood pressure. The best thing to do is tell your

When should you worry about your pregnant pug?

All the time! but especially from around day 58/60 onwards, My last litter was born a full 8 days early with no signs of going into labour. Most dogs will not eat before labou

What should I do if I'm worried I might be pregnant?

Go to the doctor! ask for a pregnancy test and let it happen as it happens talk to your mum or who ever you feel will listen and give you advise, look at birth control methods

If You get regular headaches should you be worried its serious?

I suffered from regular headaches for a period of time and I found that I was able to solve the issue with a few changes in my daily routine. 1. Eat a breakfast (dont have

When should you worry that im pregnant?

im worried about that too... me and my boyfriend were having sex and we were using a condom and he pulled out when he came but said that he jizzed a little while in me. After

Is it normal to have major headaches when your pregnant?

Each patient is different, and whether it is normal for YOU to have severe headaches while pregnant should be discussed with your doctor. For a diagnosis, a doctor needs to b