Ancient greek masks were made of what materials?

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linen, wood, mud, and cork
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Why did ancient Greeks wear masks?

Only men were allowed to be actors so they would wear them to show the audience who they were playing or whether they are male or female. the also wore them to show exaggerate

How were the ancient Greek masks made?

Usually the masks were made of linen, wood, or leather. A marble or stone face was used as a mould for the mask. Human or animal hair was also used. The eyes were fully drawn

What materials are Chinese masks made of?

Chinese Masks are made up of numerous materials like stones and metals, leather and cloth, paper and grass and more. They are then painted in different color themes and design
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What were Greek masks made of?

records indicate that the masks were made from organic materialslike stiffened linen, bark, wood or leaves. The masks that existtoday are made of terracotta and were not worn