Advantages of spanish colonization in Philippines?

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Spanish colonization in the Philippines brought several advantages, including wealth and monetary prosperity. It also brought the advantage of improved technology to the area.
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What was the Philippines prior to the arrival of the Spanish colonizers?

Before the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 and of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, the Spanish colonizer in 1565 (forty four years after Magellan's death), the Philippines was c

What were the aims of Spanish colonization in the Philippines?

It is summed with three words: God, Gold, and Glory. God: Spanish colonizers actually went to the Philippines to fulfillthe deathwish of Isabel I, who said that "she would do

Advantage and disadvantage of taxation in the spanish colonization?

Taxation in the Spanish colonization greatly improved the production and quality of food and resources the Philippines had to offer. This proved to be a major advantage in the