A store is selling a tv for 389 dollars this is 64 dollars less than regular price what is the regular price?

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$389 + $64 = $453
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How much do regular logs sell for at the lowest price in runescape?

just go to the grand exchange and keep on pressing the minus button under the price till it doesent go any lower and that's your price i know they sell for more than oak thoug

Does a flat screen TV pull less energy than a regular TV?

Good question. There is no significant difference so long as both are Cathode Ray Tube types - that's the oldest model of television. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) television

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They aren't. All silver dollars are worth at least their value in silver. If you mean why their face value is so small, it is because of two factors. The first main factor is

Can you sell silver dollars for silver prices?

If you're buying it from someone most likely not. Occasionally people can buy it for equal to or less than the metal value on eBay. However, be sure to add the shipping cost.