A space traveler weighs 663 N on Earth What will the traveler weigh on another planet whose radius is 4 times that of earth and whose mass is 4 times that of earth?

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2652 N and newtons are a measure of force not weight.
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What planet is 4 times the size of earth?

The radius of Uranus is roughly 4 times the radius of Earth.\n. \nHowever, in volume, it would be around 4 3 = 64 times larger than Earth. \n. \nHence, There is no planet

If on Earth Sara weighs 100 lbs and she moves to a planet that is 5 times larger in radius how much would she weigh?

This is not really a question that can be answered given the wording as it stands. A planet's radius has little or nothing to do with its MASS, which is what 'causes' gravity.

A person weighing 800 newtons on earth travels to another planet with twice the mass and twice the radius of earth the person's weight on this other planet is most nearly?

The force of gravity is proportional to the mass, and inversely proportional to the SQUARE of the distance between them. If we double the mass at the same distance, we double

What is the Travel time from earth to another galaxy?

That naturally depends on how fast you plan to travel. We don't have to talk about too many different modes of travel, to show that it's a trip that's not even worth thin

If you weigh 155 on earth and have a mass of 63 if you travel to the moon will your weight or mass change and why?

"Mass" is the amount of 'stuff' of which you're made. It's you, like the color of your eyes. It isn't affected by things around you, it doesn't depend on where you are, and