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The 2 men decided to perpetrate a crime against the jewelry store.
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Who are perpetrators?

Someone who perform an act. Example: the perpetrators were calledin the court.

What is the definition of perpetrator?

A perpetrator is a person who commits a serious crime or evil action, causing grievous harm or death to the victim. It is also used of those who commit atrocities. Someone who

How do you use perpetrator in a sentence?

A perpetrator is someone who commits a crime or illegal action. An  example of this word used in a sentence would be, "The police  brought the perpetrator down to the statio

Can you use instigator and perpetrator in a sentence?

Hi you can use it in a sentence were you are explaining the person's stand or behavior.   Like   He is a man of cold heart, brutal tyrant.    If you want to use

What is a sentence using the word perpetrators?

The sentences are:- 1)No matter who actually perpetrate s the pre-announced crime, the responsibility will fall on the would-be owner of the land and of the thought. 2) Pe