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She needs to hasten and go to the hospital because it's an emergency.

He didn't need to hasten back to the building so he took the longer path.
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What is an example sentence for hasten?

hasten your self, we are going. This is one of many examples forsentence use.

How do you use the word hasten in a sentence?

Hasten means to speed something up or hurry to do something. Anexample of hasten used in a sentence is: Knowing that they werelate, she had to hasten the children to get ready

How can you use hasten in a sentence?

Hasten means to hurry. You could write~ When my wife went into labor, we had to hasten to the hospital before she had the baby at home!

Sentence for hastened?

After announcing that I was going home to plan a murder, I hastened to explain that this was for a book I was writing.