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Is a descendant of the Acadian people who were expelled from what is now Nova Scotia in Canada during what has become known as Le Grand Dérangement from 1755-1763. The Acadian diaspora ended up all over the world those Acadians who ended up in South West Louisiana became known as the "Cajuns".
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What is Cajun?

It's a nickname for an Acadian. yeaaa boiii! im smart!! lol

What is the meaning of the Cajun slang 'boo' to refer to a person?

"Boo" is a Cajun slang term that denotes a term of endearment to whom the person is speaking. The word is used only in informal situations and is to be used with friends and f

What is a cajun sausage?

i had one the other day it was nice its basically just a sausage with cajun spices in

What is a 'Cajun'?

When the French settled in Canada, they chose two distinct regions; the province of Quebec, and the Maritime Provinces of Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia,

What are cajun horses?

I just read an article that states: "The Cheval Canadien ("Canadian Horse" in French) descends from horses brought by French settlers to Acadia, near Nova Scotia and New Franc

What is Cajun powder?

Do you mean powdered sassafrass leaves - file powder? Greenish and with a sort of lemony taste.

What is cajun for shiver?

Frisson. Pr. (Frees-on). Slang that translates to Shivers- "It was so cold I got the Frissons" Can also mean Goosebumps. "When she sang she gave me the Frissons!"

What is cajun cooking?

Cajun's like rich spicy food, usually starting with a roux. Hot oil or fat is mixed with equal parts of flour and stirred constantly until either a light roux (very light brow

Which country is cajun in?

Cajun is a bastardisation of the word Acadian which refers to the French speaking peoples who currently occupy the Atlantic provinces of Canada (especially Nova Scotia and New

Is a creole person a Cajun?

No. Creole is a type of language that results from the combination of two completely different languages. There are more than 100 different creoles in the world. Cajun is just

What is in Cajun powder?

se this Cajun seasoning for barbecue ribs, chicken, blackened fish, Cajun soups or sauces, blackened steaks, and blackened pastas. This makes a lot, so if you have a small fam