A molecule of liquid water to a molecule of water vapor?

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no difference same exact molecule

Is water vapor a molecule?

water vapor is actually the separating of molecules between one another. so as water evaporates, it is releasing individual molecules

How does a molecule of water vapor go back to a molecule of liquid water?

First of all, I have to assume that by "vapor" you mean gas. Water gas is steam. Second, you have to realize that the only difference between water as a gas, and water as a li

Is water vapor mini molecules?

A single water molecule is too small to see. Water vapor is when the molecules begin to condense, several molecules forming together, forming tiny water droplets that are held

How are the molecules of water vapor similar to molecules in liquid water?

A water molecule is always a water molecule. Therefore, in every state; solid, liquid, or gas. The molecules still have a central atom of oxygen, with 2 hydrogen atoms attache