4th grade science fair projects ideas for kids?

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Science projects
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What are some good ideas for a fifth grade science fair project?

This year i did fruit dehydration and I thought it was boring. . Answer: Make an electric motor from a neodymium magnet, dry wall nail and AAA battery. Simple yet no grade

Ideas for 8th grade science fair projects?

How about: "How do different tempertures affect the vicosity(measure of the resistance of a fluid deformed by shear or extensional stress.whoa)of a liquid". . Good luck! . W

What are some 6 grade science fair projects ideas?

I will recommend a project I did with my daughter when she was in grade 5: the assay of Vitamin C in citrus fruit. This is an excellent project because it is of potential us

What is a good science project idea for a grade 7 science fair?

well, im in the grade 7 and it depends on what kind of projest or chapert ur working on. are u working on cells? bones, ect. if ur working on cells, then you should do a 3d sc

What is a good science fair project idea for first grade?

Leaves Collection. The goal of the project is to explain the concept of biodiversity, and find out how many different species of trees and bushes grow in your backyard (your