2 tablespoons fresh dill how much dried dill?

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Usually dried ingredients are stronger than the fresh (if they are not too old) so you use 1/2 of the fresh quantity = 1 tablespoon of dried dill.
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What is a fresh dill?

Dill is an herb well known for its use in flavoring pickles. Both the plant leaves "dill weed" and the seeds are used in cooking and as pickling spices. The leaves can be us

How much dried dill weed equals head of dill weed?

When using dill, you will find that both the feathery leaves and the flower heads can be used. Most often the flower heads are allowed to mature and harvested as dill seed.

How much is dill?

Depends where you go for it. Try growing your own,its so simple and tastes alot better.