2004 sebring stuck in drive gear shift very loose whats wrong with it?

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The teeth of the flywheel may be slipping and you would need a new fly wheel but it would just be cheaper to buy a new transmission unless you can find one off a another o4 sebring
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You cannot select the right gears on your '88 jetta The gear stick is very loose but does go into gears but the wrong ones What is wrong Is it the shift linkage and can it be fixed. Is this expensive?

\n. \n Answer . I had the same problem in my '90 jetta. There is a small white plastic piece shaped like a dog bone that connects the gearbox and transmission and allow

What could be wrong if the 2004 Saturn Ion is getting stuck in first gear?

Okay, if it isn't a manual...get them to check the transmission sensor. I had to have a tech guy from the plant in Springville? come to Jackson, Tn. and test mine.\nMy automat

What is wrong if a 99 Ford Escort is stuck in park and will not shift into drive?

Answer: One thing to check on. . \nOlder Fords can present many interesting challenges. When my '97 Taurus got stuck in park, my boyfriend manipulated the wires between th

Your gear shift is stuck in park on your 2001 ford escort zx2 what is wrong?

Check the brake light fuse, happened to me on my 98, if not that then check the brake light switch at the pedal. Another Answer: All I did was refer to the owners ma

Gear shift on 2000 Escort ZX2 stuck in park what is wrong?

It is possibly a piece called the shift interlock. There should be a fuse for it. Basically, the interlock prevents you from shifting out of park without pressing the brake. C

What if your 1995 dodge avenger won't shift gears whats wrong?

First you need to check and make sure that your transmission fluid is full. If it's not, then it won't shift correctly, or at all.. If it is, then there are three possible re

Gear shift stuck in park?

sometime when you step on the brake to remove it out of park the relese gets stuck try stepping on brake and shaking gear shift handle We had a similar problem, and the answ

Magnum gear shift stuck?

Stuck in "Park"? check stop light fuse and stop light switch Try turning key to 1st (unlock) position then shift to neutral to start vehicle and then shift to Drive

How do I fix a 2001 Mazda tribute gear shift stuck in drive?

look on the tranny there is a little arm switch that you can click all the way down to put the vehicle in park. you may need a new shifter cable and/or the clips to hold it in